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Vermont Victims

Although someone knew of the abuse, these children were not protected.  They continued to be hurt.

Child Molester Sentenced

Barre, Vermont -- July 18, 2006

A Washington County man was sentenced today for what the county prosecutor calls one of the worst sex crimes he has ever seen.

The victim is a boy who was sexually abused two to three times a week for nearly two years -- and it started when he was just nine years old.

"He videotaped sexual acts between himself and the victim," said Craig Nolan, Washington County Prosecutor, as he detailed the litany of sexual abuse a young boy suffered at the hands of Casey Langlois, 26, at Langlois' sentencing hearing Tuesday.

The victim, now 13, was in the courtroom but rushed out as the list of crimes grew longer and more bizarre.

"The defendant engaged in bondage of the victim using zip ties and he blames that on the victim," said Nolan to the judge.

Nolan requested that Langlois go to prison for at least ten years. But he also pointed out that others shared some guilt for the crimes, including the boy's family and his public school principal, because they failed to take action after the boy told them he was being sexually abused.

"The school the child was attending reported its initial knowledge to the family but not to the Department for Children and Families which of course schools are obligated to report," Nolan explained.

The parents' and principal's failure to take action subjected the child to nearly another year of abuse before another adult finally called police.

When it was his turn to speak in court Langlois apologized.

"I'm sorry. I can't give him (the victim) an explanation right now because I don't know. He wants to know why, and I can't tell him. Everything that's in here that's in my mind is locked up and tangled," said Langlois during his 5-minute statement to the court.

The 13-year-old victim asked the judge to lock up Langlois for at least ten years. And that's just what Judge Walter Morris did; he sentenced Langlois to serve 10 to 30 years behind bars followed by a lifetime of tight supervision.

The judge also praised the boy for his bravery.

"Remember today and the day that you came with great courage to be in this room right here, given what you've already experienced," said Judge Morris, looking at the boy as he spoke. "You have a badge of honor from the court at least; can't see it, but you have it from us," the judge added.

A state psychologist has classified Langlois as a pedophile, in his case a person sexually addicted to young boys. The sentence calls for him to complete an intensive sex offender treatment program in jail -- and to continue therapy after his release. But he won't be eligible for release for at least 8-and-a-half years.

The state removed the boy from his parents home because they failed to protect him. He is now in foster care. Also -- the investigation into Langlois revealed that other children in the same family had also been abused by Langlois' brother who is also facing criminal charges.

Brian Joyce - Channel 3 News

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