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In order for changes to be made and for kids to be protected, the public must be made aware of the current travesties of justice the children and their protective parents are facing.
We feel that this can be accomplished by education, legislation and prayers.
On this site are cases in all 50 states where children are being hurt and or have been harmed.  Some of these are ongoing cases of abuse and some the abuse has ended==too often by the death or permanant injury to a child. 
For anyone who wants to help children please join with us and many of the wonderful links we have posted.
This site is full of factual information which is provable for even the biggest skeptic.  We welcome anyone to view this site and to join us in a sincere effort to help the children.
We are incorporated as a non profit.  Our goal is not to solicit funds but to get the message out about abuse and to help the children.
We ask for help in distributing our information.  We have  business cards, flyers, postcards and other printed material to try to get the information out.  We currently have need for people to join us to distribute the information where it might reach the public such as churches or the Y or visitation centers, social services geared to helping victims of domestic violence. 
the USA is a land of law and order and we as advocates for children, cannot emphasize enough the need for legal remedies for child protection.  Granted every state has some laws in place but they often those  laws are overruled by the laws which protect the perpetrators.   This is particularly the case in states with incest loopholes. 
We can use your help to getting this changed.  It might very well take a Constitutional Amendment to get children their right to life but if that is what it takes than we will work for that. 
Current laws state that one one suspect child abuse than that person is expected to report it and can do so anonymously.  However, when parental child abuse is reported the non abusive parent, that protective parent is often vilified and loses a portion or all custody.  This is a total violation of that parent's custodial right but judges are doing it in many states.  It is not uncommon,
Judges are also forbidding parents from even calling the police when they have been victimized and people who have been abused are sometimes even forbidden from seeking medical care.  Parents are told in court to not call child protection or they will lose the child.  These are not uncommon threats.  Parents are forbidden to speak about child abuse under the guise that it is for the child's right to privacy.
We are working toward asking Congress to introduce bills where  a parent does not lose custody for reporting abuse, where a parent cannot be told to get over it and never call CPS again.  We are  drafting laws to protect the children and protective parents.  Laws to require judges to listen to all the evidence and to rule based on the evidence and not to dismiss as they chose.  Judges need to be made accountable and to give reasons why they rule as they rule and not simply because they can.
Child abuse is generally a civil offense and as such needs to be treated as such and when a perponderance of the evidences indicates abuse is happening than the child must be protected even if it means supervised visitation and or severing parental rights.
There are parents who could be helped but are afraid to ask for it.  We need laws where parents can get help to be better parents without risk of  losing their children.  Parents with anger issues, drug addictions, very young, extreme poverty can be helped,  We are a rich and great nation let our laws help these children and the families who want help. 
Our youth are the future of our country and to not take proper care of them could very well jeopardize society.  It is not enough to simply take care of your own.  We must be our brother's keeper.  We must protect the children.
We ask that everyone pray in their own way for the children. 

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