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Voting is one of the greatest benefits of living in a democracy.  We won't get into the electoral college and such but basically there is one vote per person.  Any registered American over the age of 18 can vote. 
In order to vote, one must be registered in the town where he or she lives.  Larger towns have specific districts where one registers and votes.  One can check their local newspaper or call their town hall for specific location.
It is important to bring a picture id and proof of residence with you.  This is part of ensuring fairness in the electoral process of one vote per person.
While voting in the primaries to see who will run for the Presidency, one only votes for the President or Vice President he or she wishes to run under the party of choice either Republican or Democrat.  For the actual election, one has the opportunity to vote for many candidates within their state and of course, The President.
You can vote strictly for one party or for candidates from either party.
Many vote for the first at at18 and many do at 60.  You are never too old to be a voter for the first time.
With such urgent need for laws to protect children and their protective parents, it is important for child advocates to have a voice in Congress.
Joe Biden is such a voice but he resigned as a presidential candidate and it probably was the correct decision as it appered he had no chance of winning the Democratic bid to run as their candidate. 
It is common to hear more criticism about the candidates than good and therefore important to try to get to the truth.  One can do that by visiting the state site where the candidate is from and check the voting record of the candidate, see what bills they voted for and those they opposed.  You can also goggle their names and state they are from and look at old newspaper articles about them. 
 Vote for the candidate you believe is the best, your decision, your vote.

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