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Who we are really does not matter.  This site is not about us.  It is about the children.  The children matter and their protective parents matter.  However, we have been asked who we are so...

We are Defend the Children.  Legally that is our name.  All of us have the legal right to it and also have the consent of each other to use it.
We are all Americans. .  We are mothers and fathers, grandmothers and a grandfather, we are aunts and uncles, foster parents and adoptive parents.  We are concerned citizens.
We are people who care about justice, the children, the protective parents and our country. We continue searching, we continue to try to get the message outabout the child abuse atrocities and the difficulties good parents are facing.  We are Defend the Children.  Please become one of us.
We have personal knowledge of the injustices going on in the courthouses across America and we joined together to try to make a difference.
We decided that it was very important to let the public know what is happening.  We found so many people had no knowledge of what is going on in their own  back yards.  We decided the internet would reach the vast amount of people.  therefore, we began a long journey researching and posting information. 
We questioned why so many loving and caring parents were losing their children to abusive spouses. We heard the terms PAS, parental alienation syndrome and false alegations being ssed  by anyone accused of abuse.  research showed us what we knew but needed to be sure we were right.  PAS is not recognized by the APA and many state do not allow it as evidence.  (We have all this listed separately) and we also confirmed that false allegations in reality are not by a parent accusing the other of abuse but of the accused actually making false claims about the reporter.  It is often their only defense, a false defense but their only hope===blame someone else.  It works--it works all too well.  No innocent person needs lie.
The protective parent has not been charged with a crime and therefore can not defend him or herself against the charge of making false allegations and yet the court punishes the protective parent as if the protective parent is an unfit parent.
It is bad enough that a good protective parent is yelled at and sanction unjustly in court but it is true travesty of justice when that miscarry forces children to live with the parent the child reported molested the child.  This is reality.   
We searched laws and we searched every state for news article about children being harmed.  Many of the children who were hurt and even murdered had previously been reported to the child protection service as possibly an abused child, some children were harmed in foster homes.  The system had failed those children and we knew more would be harmed.  As individuals we can do little so we grouped together and formed Defend the Children, Inc.  We are a licensed non profit.
We are child advocates.  We are protective parent advocates. 

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