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Please email us with suggestions for of award recipients.  We are looking to honor the rare individual who became a voice for a child.  A person who spoke up and defended a child. 
The person might be a parent, teacher. lawyer, judge, doctor, member of Congress or a stranger who suspected something was wrong and reported it.  Defending a child when others turned a blind eye and covered their ears is what we are about.  People who work and fight for justice deserve to be honored and know we do appreciate them. 
We know that advocating for abused children is at times extremely difficult and yet there are those who do just that.
For the wonderful people defending children, we ask your help in identifying.  Please let us know of anyone you'd like to nominate for our Defend The Child Award.

Defend the Children.Org is very pleased to present our personal Coat of Arms created exclusively for us  as the model for selecting the recipient of our award
The winner will be a person who has always been truthful and honest in helping fight for a child.   He or she will have shown patience and preserverence in helping to end  the abuse for the child  even against great and grave adversaries. 
 Even though the child might have a great deal of healing, the winner of this award will have given that  child a chance to  live in peace with hope and love and to know the joys of childhood. That child might even be given a chance to be raised with a good and loving protective parent who was denied that Constitutional right. 
  • When the courts and society  turned a blind eye to the child abuse,
  • the winner did not.  The winner bravely helped in the fight to end a child's abuse by reporting, testifying in court, caring for the child and or being a voice for the child. 


To summit a candidate for consideration please email us at
Please include the name and address of the candidate.  In case of a teacher or social worker, their place of employment will be fine.  We must respect their right to privacy also.  We will not publish the address of anyone without their permission and never the home address just town.
Please tell us how the person went out of the way for a child and why you feel the person deserves extra recognition.

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Please email admin@defendthechildren if you wish to join or to correspond with us.  Also if you would like to give suggestions or ask questions please email us.  Thank you


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