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Oregon Criminal Convictions

Jessica Law Gives Sex Offender 138 Years

A Salem, Oregon man has been sentenced to a total of 138 years in prison partially because of the state's new Jessica Law passed in 2006. Michael David Robinson, 35, pleaded guilty to eight counts of sexual abuse that involved two young children that he knew.

Oregon's Jessica Law lengthened the mandatory sentences for offenders who are convicted of first-degree rape, sodomy or unlawful sexual penetration of a victim younger than 12. Robinson pleaded guilty to eight counts of first-degree sodomy.

The state's Jessica Law did not go into effect until April 2006. Four of Robinson's eight charges took place after that date. Therefore, Robinson received 100 months for the first count, 110 months for the second count, 120 months for the third count and 300 months each for the remaining counts.

"This is the worst case of sexual child abuse that I've seen in almost 14 years on the bench," Circuit Judge Joseph Ochoa told Robinson. "I want to make sure, sir, that you are never able to injury anybody."

Oregon like many states passed new laws regarding sexual offenders in the aftermath of the Jessica Lunsford case, in which a convicted but unregistered sex offender kidnapped, raped and killed a neighbor's nine-year-old.

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