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There is a great deal of information here.  Information which will be changed and added to frequently.  Please let us know if there is something you would like us to add to this site.

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Membership Donations
Our Coat of Arms
The Children's Hour
Defend the Children Award
Advocate and What It Means
Constitution of the United States of America
American Humane Society: The Story of Mary Ellen
Terrorism 911
Statistics from North Carolina
Battered Child Syndrome
Bible on Child Abuse
Blue Ribbon for Prevention of Child Abuse
When a Child Testifies
Child Abuse and Domestic Violence
Cost of Abuse
Custody in Abuse Cases
State Laws on Termination of Parental Rights
Myths on reporting Child Abuse
Conferences and events
False Allegations
What You Can Do
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
State Laws
Current Legislation
Letters from Dads
Letters from Mothers
National Organization of Men Against Sexism
The truth About PAS and How It Hurts Children
Important Petitions to Fight Abuse
Protective Parents' Act
Protective Parents
TheValue of Children
Quotes from Children
Quotes from Parents and Other Adults
Views on Child Abuse
Spare the Rod
Stop Incest Now
Warning Signs
When No One Protects
Colorado Victims
Connecticut Victims
Delaware Victims
Florida Victims
Georgia Victims
Hawaii VIctims
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