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Out of respect for the children, their names are withheld.  They are real.  They are the victims of abuse, abuse from an abusive parent and abuse from the courts.  Their voices have often been silenced but we will not silence them here. 

Please listen to the children.  They know the truth.  They tell the truth.

"I told him it hurt but he wouldn't stop"

A little girl tying helium balloons on her bed when asked why,  "So I can fly away."  This child was seen tying balloon to her bicycle also for the same purpose.  When told that it wouldn't work she replied, "You have to believe."

This child also requested to be glued to her bed so she wouldn't have to go to her father's.

"I cry in my heart because I can't cry out loud"

 ...Some of us have turned 18, and are now "free", although nightmares and painful memories will haunt us for many years, maybe forever. Some of us still have siblings in the clutches of our abusers. We are kids from all over the country who have been beaten, molested, raped, sodomized, mentally battered, isolated, terrorized, and shamed by our controlling, battering parents.

Some of us kids are not able to speak out yet, because we are still stuck with our abusers and we are too afraid of how they, and the courts, will retaliate against us and our protective parents if we speak out

Many of us suffered because the court accepted an invalid theory, Parental Alienation Syndrome (nicknamed "PAS".)

Click this link for the true stories about abuse suffered by these children in their own words. Together they are part of the

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