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Spare the Rod

What does it mean to SPARE THE ROD and SPOIL THE CHILD?

Are many well meaning and loving parents beating children out of a sense of righteousness?  Does the Bible mean to beat a child?

Below are some perspectives we feel might be beneficial.   

A lot of folks see that verse in the Bible, "spare the rod and spoil the child, " and they immediately think a rod is for punishment. But thats not what it means at all. 

Was Jesus referring to children as a shepherd refers to his sheep? We see pictures of the shepherd standing close to his flock, with a crooked staff in his hand.
The shepherd never hit the sheep with his staff,  whenever they took a wrong turn. he used the crook of the staff to get them gently by the neck and "steered " them from the path they took if they went the wrong direction.

Is this  how parents need to treat their children. Whenever the child takes a wrong turn, the parent should sit down with the child and explain what is wrong with this or that. And explain it in words the child can understand. Guidance with kindness goes a long way for the childs betterment. Does beating ever teach anything but violence? 

Not only are parents responsible for the raising of their children but to the future generations of their offsprings as well. 

When a parents feel the neccessity to spank over and over and harder and harder, it might be best to question the practice.  If physical discipline was so beneficial than why is it so often repeated?  Certainly, one is not advocating a parent not be allowed to discipline a child or that a parent who slap a child bottom should lose custody of the child.  We simply wish to provoke some thoughts on the subject.  One can only do what he or she knows to do and we hope before a child is hit in anger, the caregiver thinks.

If one feels the need to use a belt, hairbrush, paddle, stick or other devise on another human being or to spit, pull hair, pinched, bite or kick than for your sake seek help.  That is abusive.  Swearing, name calling and belittling are also abusive.

Please love your children enough to seek help.  If you are too afraid to call child protection on yourself than pleasecall a hotline and anonymously speak to someone. 

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