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A 10 month old girl is recovering from severe injuries and her mother is facing charges of child abuse. The infant is recovering from burns and broken bones. Police say what made it hard for them to investigate this case is the mother was trying to protect her boyfriend.

Christine Hernandes, the mother of 10 month old Amaya Hernandes broke down as the shocking charges are read. Police say 25 year old Mark Springer scalded the girl while in his care and broke her arm in four places.

On Wednesday, Hernandes called an ambulance for two serious burns to the girls back and two to the forehead.  She was taken from an apartment on Durfee Street to Hasbro Children's Hospital.  Doctor's suspected abuse and a closer look uncovered four broken bones in her elbow, along with a previous fractured wrist.

The mother originally told police her daughter fell from the couch and the burns were from a bath too hot for her young skin.

 Police charged Hernandes,after repeated questioning showed inconsistencies with her stories. police say she was trying to protect her boyfriend.   The boyfriend is  not the infant's father.

Springer  has a prior record with police, was held on $100,000 bail. Hernandes was held on $10,000 bail.

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