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Terrorism 911
In Homes Today Across America Exists A Terror As  
   Evil As The Terror We Faced on 9-11.
   We are calling for help, please answer!

September 11th is a date which Americans and most of the world solemnly remember. The fear, the tears and the pain of terrorism hit our hearts and souls as we watched the Twin Towers collapse, the Pentagon torn into, and the Pennsylvania flight 93 crash. We prayed, we cried and we were in disbelief.

Disbelief, yes, but soon reality sank in. The USA was attacked. Our great Nation possessed new fear. We were face to face with terrorism.  Every news station flashed the grisly scenes. Good and innocent people were killed. We as a nation were primarliy supportive when our President said we would be fighting a war against terrorism. We were proud and we united. We fought and are fighting.

We won some battles and sadly lost some. Still, the day September 11th, which so united Americans, is remembered. It will continue to be remembered. 

Today, in homes  across America lies an evil as bad or even worse than the evil we faced on 9/11. It is particularly evil because the victims, like those of 9/11, can do nothing to save themselves. The victims are helpless, they are silenced and their terror goes on. It does not stop. The very people entrusted to care for them are betraying them.

These victims are the children of abuse.  They are abused  in their own country, their own neighborhoods, their own homes.

Children are starved, beaten and molested every day in this country. We have children who are tortured, exploited and raped in what should be their safe place, their homes.

Child Abuse is TERRORISM.


Yes, we do have some systems in place to protect them, but they are rarely working. It is not just the children whose abuse goes overlooked and unreported that the system is not protecting. There are many cases where child abuse has been reported, but sadly the child protection agencies and/or the courts failed to protect the children.  As a result, further abuse and sometimes murder has happened.

There are other cases where parentally abused children have been placed with state assigned foster families, who also abused the children. In these cases the system failed by not following through with appropriate background checks, and frequent visits to the foster homes.

And equally devastating are the many more cases in which  parents are divorced or separated, and children disclose abuse by one parent to their other parent. When a protective parent follows the law and reports the abuse, they are often times put in very devastating situations. Many times the protective parent cannot protect the child,  law enforcement or the child protection agency may simply dismiss the reports without properly investigating, and  vilify the protective parent  for reporting their ex-spouse.  Too often a protective parents lose part if not all custodial rights and visitation with their children. In many cases the abusive parent has or is granted unsupervised custodial time with the child. This is an open invitation for abuse to continue.  The children's voices and the protective parents' voices are silenced by a court system that doesn't want to face the reality that the home can be the most dangerous place for many Americans. This is particularly seen in cases of parental sexual abuse.

In America, child incest victims are the only victims of sex crimes that are forced by court order to be with their molester. In some cases their molesters are granted full unsupervised custody. There are cases of state child protective agencies' investigation found the sexual  abuse reports to be truthful   but judges overruled them and granted the custody to the perpetrator.

Let us fight this war of terrorism in the homes. We might lose some battles but we will win the war. We must, the stakes are too high. We will be part of the solution.

To not be part of the solution is to be part of the problem.

September 11, 2001


Dear America:


I've heard the people's voices, drifting up to Me;
   Asking how a loving God, could allow such tragedy.
I've heard it rumored, many feel, I've turned My back on you;
   And it breaks My heart to know, that even one could think that's true.
For while I fully understand, that your agony is great;
   I'm not to blame, so I felt compelled, to set the record straight.
For the pain and devastation, that was wrought upon this land;
   Was plotted by a twisted mind, and a coward's evil hand.
And though My heart was broken, as those planes swooped down upon;
   The Twin Towers of New York, and the nation's Pentagon.
My hands were tied, for I was not allowed to interfere;
   Your Congressional amendments, long ago made that quite clear.
So I simply stood by patiently, knowing after this great fall;
   You'd turn to Me once more, and on My precious name you'd call.
For your shock would turn to grief, and then to anger in the end;
   As the full impact of this attack, you began to understand.
And as I watched you yield, to the blow you had been dealt;
   Finally with a heavy heart, and tear-dimmed eyes you knelt.
To question how a God of love, could allow such tragedy;
   But as I said before, you cannot place the guilt on Me.
For if you search your heart you'll find, this nation is to blame;
   A wicked and a sinful, generation with no shame.
The most important book of all, was barred from all the schools;
   And prayer to Me forbidden, by these same self-righteous fools.
Though seldom called in prayer, My name is freely used in vain;
   With conscience seared, men lie and cheat, more power and wealth to gain.
You uphold pagan worship, in the name of equal rights;
   And call your 'life-style' what you will, but it's perversion in My sight.
Drugs are bought and sold with ease, abortion justified;
   Divorce is commonplace, and very few oppose gay pride.
Foul language, sex and violence, seems an ever-growing need;
   Thanks to Hollywood, the table, from which most children feed.
And while a place of worship, on a weekend night stands bare;
   Sports arenas, bars and theaters, are overflowing everywhere.
So the blame is yours, America, for as you can clearly see;
   I've not turned My back on you, you've turned your back on Me.
And though it's often used in vain, the only time I hear;
   My name cried out with reverence, is when you feel pain or fear.
And while I did not strike this blow, that brought you to your knees;
   Perhaps now that you're there, if you repent, I'll hear your pleas.
I'll forgive your sins and one more time, stretch forth My loving hand;
   I'll dry your tears and ease your fears, and give you strength to stand.
For liberty and justice, with no room for compromise;
   So once more one nation under God, a mighty eagle you will rise.
And on the wings of righteousness, to victory you will soar;
   Your enemies will be My own, and you will reign once more.
For this leader I have given you, will be a godly one;
   Praying daily, "Father, not my will, but Thine be done."
But America, heed my warning, for mocked I will not be;
   So if in pain and fear alone, you're calling now on Me.
Thinking once your wounds I've healed, we'll go our separate ways;
   Remember well the sorrow, that brought you to your knees this day.
For My Word cannot lie, and states that every knee shall bow;
   The answer has been given, the question now is how.
Free will or force, it's up to you, you can choose to kneel and pray;
   Or let pain and fear bring you to your knees, just as it did today.
I've given you another chance, don't let Me down this time;
   Keep your eyes steadfast on me, for with your hand holding mine.
You need not fear for I will always, be within your reach;
   Your motto is, "In God We Trust," it's time to practice what you preach.
So rise up now America, we've got a job to do;
   It's time we let the whole world know, they cannot walk on you.
For thine enemies are now My own, and they've angered Me this day;
   And for their great atrocity, it's time for them to pay.
So take courage and your strength renew, your dignity restore;
   Dry your tears, tuck away your fears, and let's go win this war.
But once this battle's over, lest complacent you should grow;
   Be ever mindful of the pain, from this devastating blow.
For though you've suffered greatly, America, you can bet;
   If you turn your back on Me this time, you ain't seen nothing yet!

I love you,

Too Small To Tell

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