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January 20th, 2008

Mom Has Eight-Year-Old Daughter Spending the Night with a 47-Year-Old Man

For a year, Lora Lee Hansen-Beard, 41, of Boulder, Colorado, would leave her eight-year-old daughter every Saturday night with a 47-year-old man,  Joseph Cardillo, 47.

If you read the story in the newspaper, you’ll see that Hanswen Beard was a complete and total nut. She is charged with two misdemeanor counts of child abuse for placing the girl in a life- or health-threatening situation. 

That’s it? As usual, the Boulder DA is doing a great job…not. 

Authorities found out about the abuse after the girl’s teachers reported that she often showed up late to school, unfed and wearing dirty clothes. Her teachers say that the girl cried all the time and was unable to focus on her work.

The girl told police that she and Cardillo slept naked in the same bed, would bathe together, and went in the hot tub naked. 

Cardillo is charged with sexual assault. He’s accused of using a sex toy on the girl and drinking her urine. If convicted, he faces a possible life sentence in prison if convicted on charges of sex assault on a child by a person in position of trust and a pattern of assaulting the girl. He’s free on a $100,000 bond.

Rest in Peace

Prosecutors Fear Alex Midyette Might Flee

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) ― A father accused of child abuse resulting in death may be ordered to once again wear a global positioning system (GPS) monitor. They're concerned he might disappear before his trial.

Alex Midyette, 28, is accused of fatally injuring his 10-week-old son. His wife, Molly, was convicted last month in the death of Jason Midyette. Doctors say he had injuries consistent with child abuse.

Alex Midyette received Molly's posted $500,000 bond, which was returned to the family shortly after her conviction.

Prosecutors are also worried because Alex engaged in an emotional tirade after Molly's conviction in which he screamed at prosecutors and stormed out of the court room, leaving prosecutors feeling he might be a flight risk.

Alex is scheduled to go to trial in late May.

A judge will rule next week if Alex will have to be put back on GPS monitoring

Publish Date: 12/22/2007

Molly Midyette is taken into custody Friday at the Boulder County Justice Center in Boulder after she was found guilty of child abuse resulting in the death of her 10-week-old son Jason. Joshua Lawton/AP

Mother guilty of child abuse
Molly Midyette’s trial ends; husband screams

BOULDER — A screaming Alexander Midyette was hurried out of the courtroom Friday evening after a jury found his wife guilty of child abuse resulting in the death of their 10-week-old son, Jason.

“This is bull----,” he yelled. “She didn’t do anything, you f------ a-------.”

Deputies rushed to clear the courtroom at the judge’s order after a red-faced Alexander Midyette began screaming and pulling at his hair.

As deputies and his supporters hurried him from the courtroom, Midyette yelled over his shoulder to Louisville Police Detective Jessica Steele, accusing her of lies.

Minutes earlier, supporters of Alexander and Molly Midyette began to cry as Boulder District Judge Lael Montgomery read the verdict at about 6:45 p.m. A woman yelled at reporters that they “better write something nice.”

Prosecutors throughout the trial argued that Alexander Midyette badly injured the infant and that Molly Midyette failed to protect the child from his father and get him prompt medical attention. Molly Midyette’s attorney, Craig Truman, said he agreed that Alexander Midyette hurt the baby but said his client did not realize it.

The jury determined that Molly Midyette placed the baby in danger and did so in a pattern of abuse during his life, agreeing with prosecutors on all points of their case.

Molly Midyette, who is facing a mandatory sentence of 16 to 48 years, was arrested immediately after the verdict was read and is not eligible for bond.

Alexander Midyette is scheduled to go to trial in January on the same charges as his wife’s.

Alexander Midyette initially cried at the verdict and then began yelling expletives at the judge, Steele and reporters.

Jurors began deliberating shortly after closing arguments ended at about 1 p.m. Friday. Alexander Midyette kept vigil outside the courtroom during his wife’s trial and occasionally made disparaging comments to reporters covering the high-profile case.

Ken Kupfner began the prosecution’s closing argument Friday by contrasting the baby’s first photograph in the hospital from December 2005 to one taken while he was hooked up to life support as a “broken baby” just before he died on March 3, 2006. The Boulder County coroner determined that Jason died of blunt force trauma to the head.

Kupfner said Jason died because of his father’s actions and his mother’s failure to react to his injuries.

“Inaction, omission and delay. That is what this case is about,” Kupfner told jurors.

He said Molly Midyette left the baby with Alexander Midyette despite evidence of injuries.

“Molly Midyette permitted her child to remain in an environment where he was damaged again and again and again,” Kupfner said.

Molly Midyette was charged with child abuse resulting in death, but prosecutors left the jury with options to determine the degree of abuse.

Defense attorney Truman argued that because the baby did not have many bruises, Molly Midyette could not know Jason was suffering life-threatening injuries. The symptoms the baby showed did not hint at the severity of injuries discovered by doctors, Truman said.

Medical staff testified during the trial that the baby suffered brain death by the time he was hospitalized on Feb. 24, 2006, and that his parents’ delays seeking medical treatment “signed his death warrant.”

Kupfner said the symptoms would be apparent — and that the Midyettes’ descriptions that the baby periodically stopped breathing, stiffened and arched his back were indicative of seizures resulting from brain injuries.

Prosecutor Colette Cribari began to cry after she concluded an emotional closing argument in which she said Molly Midyette never bonded with the baby and that the parents were disconnected from the care of the child. She argued that Molly Midyette saw plenty of evidence that Alexander Midyette was hurting the baby and failed repeatedly to tell doctors about the baby’s symptoms.

“Who is that baby’s voice? Molly Midyette was not telling the doctor what the baby’s symptoms were,” Cribari said. “If you don’t tell the doctor the symptoms, the doctor can’t fix you.”

In his closing argument, Truman said he believes the baby was abused and that Alexander Midyette did it.

However, he told jurors the baby’s symptoms caused by the traumatic brain injury were not alarming until Feb. 24, 2006, when the Midyettes took the infant to their family physician. The doctor told them to immediately take the child to the emergency room because the baby’s soft spot was bulging and he clearly required treatment beyond the scope of her practice.

Truman said that while his client believes her husband’s claim that he did nothing to hurt the baby, her defense team doesn’t buy it.

“Why Molly stays with him is a mystery to me,” he told jurors.

Pierrette J. Shields can be reached at 303-684-5273 or

Ft. Carson Soldier Johnathan Klinker Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse After Killing Infant Daughter

by Anne-Marie Nichols on April 21st, 2007

johnathan-klinker.jpgJohnathan Klinker, 22, a soldier at Fort Carson in Colorado, pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in death and second-degree assault in the death of his infant daughter who died of severe bleeding of the brain.

Klinker claims his seven-week-old daughter, Nicolette, hit her head after he held her four inches off the ground by her arms, then let her drop to the floor. He said he was imitating a doctor doing a reflex test. The baby died at a hospital four days later.

However, authorities believe Klinker became frustrated when Nicolette started crying and shook her four or five times, put her into a sitting position, then let her fall to the floor. The beating resulted in multiple injuries like bruising on her face and hemorrhaging.

Klinker is facing 30 to 64 years in prison. Fort Carson officials said it is up to his commanding officer to initiate discharge proceedings.

For Alize

October 13th, 2007

Foster Mom Jules Lynn Cuneo Arrested in Death of Two-Year-Old Alizé Vick

jules-lynn-cuneo.jpgIn Colorado Springs, Colorado, foster mother Jules Lynn Cuneo, 34, is being held without bond on suspicion of first-degree murder and felony child abuse in connection with the death of her two-year-old foster child, Alizé Vick. The little girl died from a blow to the head.

Cuneo called 911 and told them that Alizé was unconscious and breathing. She then told police that Alizé had fallen out of a parked SUV earlier in the day and hit her head. Then she changed her story and said that she was bouncing Alize on her lap when the child fell and struck her head and neck on the table.

Finally Cuneo admitted that she pushed the Alizé to the ground after getting angry with her. She told them she threw the girl and Alizé’s head struck a table.

Police are now looking into a series of child abuse complaints against Cuneo from as far back as 2003 including one made a couple of months after Alizé and her nine-month-old brother, Anthony, were placed in her care.

Seems that a neighbor recorded what she was hearing on her baby monitor, which was picking up what was going on over at the Cuneo home. The neighbor said she could hear Alizé screaming for Cuneo, who weighs 3oo pounds, to get off her and that she couldn’t breathe. There is no indication that this complaint was investigated.

Alizé’s grandmother, Kathleen Heil, said she had made three complaints after noticing a fat lip, a black eye, a broken tooth and bruising when she picked up Alizé and Anthony for visitations.

Why didn’t anyone take these reports seriously? Someone besides Cuneo is going to have to pay for Alizé’s d




for Aarone

AURORA, Colo. - The father of a girl reported missing in 2005 has been arrested, authorities said Wednesday.

Jail records indicated Aaron Thompson was booked at 12:50 p.m. Wednesday on a charge of cruelty toward a child causing death and was being held on $500,000 bail.

His daughter Aarone was 6 when he told police on Nov. 14, 2005, that she became upset and left the family's house when he refused to let her have a cookie.

Three days after the initial report, police announced that they believed the girl may have been dead for as long as 18 months, based on a tip. They have not released any details.

The girl's family was unable to provide recent pictures of the girl.

Police had said Thompson and his girlfriend, Shely Lowe, were "persons of interest" in the case. Both denied any involvement in the girl's disappearance, and Lowe died May 12 of an apparent heart attack, police said.

A spokeswoman for the district attorney's office declined comment, citing grand jury secrecy rules.

Rest In Peace
Estela Bautista

Man given 48-year sentence in beating death of 3-year-old
Michael Bueno apologized to families, court at sentencing.
By Sue Lindsay, Rocky Mountain News
January 23, 2007
Michael Bueno seemed to have the only dry eyes in the house as he was sentenced Monday to the maximum 48 years in prison for beating to death his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter.

His family wept as they begged for mercy for Bueno, whom they said was himself abused as a child.

The toddler's mother and other relatives cried over the horror little Estela Bautista was forced to endure in her short life.

But Bueno himself sat stone-faced, seldom looking at those who spoke at his sentencing hearing. He had pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in death.

Denver District Judge Christina Habas said she watched in vain for some sign of remorse from Bueno since charges were filed against him nearly two years ago.

"I've never seen it. Not once," Habas said.

The judge added that Bueno had done nothing to convince her that he is "redeemable."

Bueno, 21, fatally beat the girl Feb. 24, 2005, while her mother was at work.

He called relatives instead of 911 and fled the scene before paramedics arrived. He later told police the girl slipped and hit her head in the bathtub.

Prosecutor Kerri Lombardi said Estela either was beaten after a potty-training accident or soiled her pants during the beating.

Bueno apologized to the court and families.

"I don't have no excuses for my actions," he said. "I am remorseful. Whether it's 16 years or 48, I can never pay my debt

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