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When No One Protects

This newspaper article is placed here to show what obstacles children who are abused in the home face. We know the obstacles are great even when there is a protective parent to try to help. But...for some there is no one.

Family cast aside sisters molested by father

Two sisters who were raped by their father are in foster care, spurned by their family.

In addition, the Pretoria High Court heard on Tuesday, that the mother was angry with her children for speaking out because she now no longer enjoyed her husband's income.

The 57-year-old Vereeniging father started raping his youngest daughter when she was about nine years old. The child told her mother, but she did nothing to prevent the rapes.

The abuse came to light only when the child was 13 and after her half-sister, visiting at the time, reported the rape.

The girl testified that she was raped more than 10 times by her father, the attacks usually taking place when the mother was at work.

Her biological sister was 17 when the father was eventually arrested in 2002 for raping both girls. The father, a petrol attendant, at first denied he had committed the rapes, claiming that he was impotent.

The state has asked for a life term behind bars, but Judge Ismail Mohamed questioned whether it would be fair for the father to be released from prison when he was 82.

The judge postponed sentencing to August 26, saying he wanted at least one of the children to testify as to whether they still feared their father.

This article was originally published on page 3 of The Star on August 17, 2005

When no one does anything to help the children, many die.  Many who survive repeat the pattern with their own children and many simply
live with disabilities, both physical and mental.  Some become famous and work toward helping others but they are rare.

What can one person do?  History has proven that one person can do a lot.  One person can influence the world.  Defend the Children and not only will you become a hero to someone but you will reap rewards.

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