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Our Coat of Arms


Defend the Children.Org is very pleased to present our personal Coat of Arms created exclusively for us.
As in all Coat of Arms, the colors and symbols are of particular significance...
Our artist has chosen blue as our main color.  Blue in Heraldy represents Truth and Loyalty.  We believe in allowing the truth to be known about the atrocities of child abuse is extremely important.  We pledge our loyalty to the cause of working to help abused children and their protective parents.
  • The Maroon blindfold on Lady Justice represents patience in battle which will lead to victory.
  • The White wording represents our sincerity
  • The Silver outine of the shield represents that we work so children can live in peace.
  • The Black outline of the Banner  represent the grief we feel.
  • The Green outline of Lady Justice represents love,  hope and joy for all children.
Our Symbols
  • The artist has chosen a Young Lamb to represent children and their innocense.
  • Lady Justice is Blindfolded with an Uneven Scale representing that when the courts and society  turns a blind eye to abuse justice is not impartial.
  • The Sword held by Lady Justice means there is a battle that needs to be fought, and represents the power that is held by those who make decisions.
  • The Scroll represents our website as a means of distributing  information.
  • The Banner below the coat of arms represent child abuse and the work to prevent it.


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